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Summer Break Brings Warm Welcome

School is officially over for the 2019-20 school year, and we know that all of you are as relieved as we are, in light of the challenges faced during the COVID-19 quarantine and remote learning experience.

While we greatly appreciate the flexibility of parents, students, and staff during this past couple of months, we hope all of you can now breathe a sigh of relieve and have a great summer break!

Our front offices will remain open with limited hours as our administration will be working hard to prepare for the new 2020-21 school year. Although we do not have definitive answers as to what that will look like just yet, we will be heeding the advice and direction of the CDC and the State of Florida in our planning.

We do have several scenarios in mind, depending on what route the State and District take with reopening school campuses. That information will be made available in July, so everyone can prepare for the new school year.

It is clear that school may not return to "normal," and there will definitely be some inconveniences and challenges yet to face, please be assured that we will work hard to make it as pain-less as possible for all.

In the meantime, please have a great summer break, and take time to relax and enjoy just being for a moment. You deserve it!!

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