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Our mission is to help middle school students reach their greatest potential for academic, emotional, and personal success by combining individual learning styles, gifts, and talents with comprehensive curriculum and high-achieving standards in a micro-school setting. 


Our vision is to create high-achieving schools that inspire and motivate students to become life-long learners, responsible citizens, and positive role models in their communities. By minimizing classroom size, our micro-school concept provides opportunities for more individualized learning, safer school environments, and diverse thought and participation.

We believe education is not limited to the classroom, and envision partnerships with community leaders, business owners, parents, and other individuals in creating opportunities for exploration, community participation, and experiential learning.


Our vision includes creating a positive, inviting, and inspiring workplace for instructors and those working in education by creating opportunities for professional development, personalized teaching techniques, and competitive compensation. Motivated teachers motivate students.


Ocali Charter Middle School (OCMS) is a tuition-free, leading edge middle school for sixth to eight grade students.  As a charter school, OCMS complies with both, State of Florida and Federal mandates.


The school provides a stimulating and safe learning environment where student's diversified needs are challenged to their utmost potential. The learning skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking are central to our program of study. 


The school's curriculum follows a pattern that is developmentally appropriate, featuring engaging and active learning that spans all disciplines. Our students are further enriched by the experience and commitment of OCMS' outstanding faculty and staff. Technology is at the forefront of OCMS' curriculum, reaching each and every one of its students.


Each classroom is designed to inspire an engaging learning experience.

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