Dress Code

Ocali Charter Middle School (OCMS) believes every child should have a positive and productive learning environment, without distraction from the latest styles, trends, or designs of clothing.

Furthermore, in an effort to curb negativity, bullying, or feelings of insecurity due to clothing issues, we have adopted a specific school dress code that will help foster a learning environment, free from clothing-related issues.

All students are required to wear the official dress uniform of the school, during school hours, or they may wear our spirit wear T-shirts with logo, ONLY on specific days when permitted by the Principal.

The only area of flexibility with our uniform is with shoes, in which students are required to wear sneakers or tennis shoes (with socks) as outlined in our dress code.

Violation of this dress code will result in students being sent home or possibly in-school suspension.

All uniforms must be CLEAN and neat when worn.

Examples of the uniform may be viewed in-person during normal school office hours.

Ordering school uniforms must be done online through our local vendor, Legacy Team Sales, by clicking the button below!



  • All shorts and pants must be made of uniform material (plain cotton twill fabric with NO ornamentation) and have BELT LOOPS and be worn with BELTS.

  • Shorts and skorts should be no shorter than “fingertip” length and no longer than knee length. Shorts and skorts should not have any extra ornamentation.

  • All shirts must have the school logo and should not have any extra ornamentation.

Winter wear must have the Ocali Charter Middle School logo if it is to be worn in the classroom. (Cool weather clothing worn in the classroom.)



Navy or khaki bottoms and school polo shirts are the official uniform for field trips.


Uniforms cannot have any other logo or design, except the school logo.  Students in violation of dress code will be sent home or may receive in-school suspension.  


8:10 AM  Campus Open for Students

8:20 AM  Teachers Receive Students

8:25 AM  First Bell

8:30 AM  Tardy Bell

3:20 PM  Dismissal (except Wednesdays)

1:30 PM  Dismissal on Wednesdays


We do not provide before/after care.


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