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Ocali Charter High School Coming 2022!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Clear Choice Academies is excited to announce a new charter high school coming to Ocala! Ocali Charter High School (OCHS) is expected to open for the 2022-23 academic school year. MCPS Board will hold a public hearing and cast official votes to approve the school on April 27. Upon opening, OCHS will be the only charter high school in Marion County, starting with three ninth grade classes and adding a grade level each year thereafter, until the school reaches full 9-12th grade capacity.

Mrs. Teecy Matthews will expand her role as Executive Director/Administrator, overseeing the operations for both the middle and high school. Mr. Elias Posth will continue as the middle school's Principal, managing the daily activities of the school. A search for the high school principal will begin this summer, as we continue to review and negotiate facility options to accommodate not only the middle school's expansion, but the addition of the new high school, which expects to have around 300 students when the school reaches capacity, and over 500 students overall for both schools.

“It is not our intent to grow a school to be as large as a traditional high school,” Mrs. Matthews says. “Our belief is that some students need the smaller school environment. They need the flexibility not to fall into the cracks or under the radar.” OCHS was created in response to parental and student demand from current and former enrollees of Ocali Charter Middle School, and has the support of several MCPS School Board members. “I think there is a need and I think that parents want to stay under your leadership,” said MCPS board member Beth McCall. "I am 100 percent supportive of this." Fellow board member, Kelly King agrees and complemented the middle school's success, stating, "You guys are doing a fine job at the middle school. Some of students desperately need a smaller school setting so they are not lost."

The new high school will provide students instruction in core curriculum courses, with an emphasis on life skills development, financial literacy programs, alternative sports and social engagement activities, leadership forums, dual enrollment opportunities, trade skills, professional development, and more through experiential, real-life application exercises. “We are raising students to become productive members and positive contributors to our community! And partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations will play a key role in students’ success,” says Board Chair, Leo Pacheco, “And our goal is to ensure every student is socially and academically prepared for their post-high school careers or post-secondary educational advancement, whether that is a trade school, community college, university, or job-related work experience." Ocali Charter High School will be a tuition-free school of choice offering Marion County high-schoolers an option for individualized attention and a stimulating and safe learning environment where student's diversified needs are challenged to their utmost potential.

Enrollment for the new high school will begin early in 2022.

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