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ANNOUNCEMENT: Ocali Charter Middle School, Inc. Renamed to Clear Choice Academies, Inc.

OCALA, FLORIDA – February 2, 2021 – The Board of Directors for Ocali Charter Middle School, Inc. announces they have voted unanimously to change the name of the organization to “Clear Choice Academies, Inc.” (CCA) in preparation for future growth and expansion. The school will continue to operate and do business as “Ocali Charter Middle School,” under a fictitious name filing submitted by the Board to the State of Florida. The legal name change of the organization reflects the non-profit organization’s newly adopted core values, using the tagline, “Our Values are CLEAR.” “CLEAR” is an acronym representing values tied to: Community, Leadership, Empowerment, Accountability, and Respect.

Over the past five years, the school made significant strides in creating a non-traditional, small setting with a mission to “help students reach their greatest potential for academic, emotional, and personal success, by combining individual learning styles, gifts, and talents with comprehensive curriculum and high-achieving standards in a micro-school setting,” that includes flexibility to meet student needs, reduced organizational complexity, enhanced community, increased security, and risk reduction, as well as student and teacher empowerment and ownership.

“We believe the staff and students are the gems of our organization,” says Leo Pacheco, Chairman of the Board for Clear Choice Academies, Inc., “They reflect the CLEAR values we intend to represent throughout our organization.” Under the leadership of Teecy Matthews, Executive Director for CCA, the organization has plans to expand school options and continue to provide school choice programs for students who do better in a smaller school learning environment. “It's exciting to see the potential that CCA will bring to our community. Smaller school settings are financially and logistically challenging for Districts, but Clear Choice Academies commits to the impact a small school has on the educational environment and students’ academic success,” says Mrs. Matthews.

Clear Choice Academies, Inc. is a not-for-profit, Florida Corporation, and will operate Ocali Charter Middle School, with intentions of expanding school choice options in the near future.

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