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What do I do on Monday?

Updated: Apr 24

Welcome to Ocali Charter Middle School’s Remote Learning Program.

What to do on Monday:

  1. Make sure you have set up a daily schedule – Monday through Friday. Include time for school (approximately 3 hours – may be more/may be less), chores, outside time, social time, etc.

  2. Go to the website and locate the calendar. This is where dates and times for video classes will be posted and your teachers’ office hours. Office hours are when you can call your teacher and ask questions. If they are on a call please leave a message and they will return your call.

  3. Visit each of your teacher’s Google Classrooms – Teacher’s should have provided you with codes to use. If you need the code, email your teacher. There is a code for every one of your seven classes.

  4. Touch base with each of your seven teachers. (PE not included) You can do this using your new email.

  5. If on Monday or Tuesday of this week, you need any support reach out to your Homeroom/1st period teacher. Their emails and phone extensions are on the website.

  6. For this first week you will need to touch base each day with your teachers through any of the following ways: email, phone call, chat, google meet, zoom, and google classroom – answer the question of the day or submitting an assignment. This is how attendance will be counted until directed differently by your teacher.

Please remember that this is a new program for everyone and over the next few days we will be problem solving any glitches that we find. Thank you in advance for your support and patience.

Most Sincerely,

Mrs. Matthews

Executive Director, OCMS



8:10 AM  Campus Open for Students

8:20 AM  Teachers Receive Students

8:25 AM  First Bell

8:30 AM  Tardy Bell

3:20 PM  Dismissal (except Wednesdays)

1:30 PM  Dismissal on Wednesdays


We do not provide before/after care.


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